Mugisha is a child that everyone should love!! Together we can bless him so that he can go to school and get food after school! He is 9 years Old and he lives with his grandmother!! No one will bless him if not you and me!! Together we can raise up him. He is a […]

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Emma and Ismail

Every normal person can love those beautiful Twins “Emma and Ismail” of 8 years old!! They live in a family of 7 kids. The eldest one is 14 years old, the second one is 12 and then the twins. Their father abandoned them when only 4 years old. Day to day RIGHT CHILD BRIGHT FUTURE

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Ineza and Mary

Beautiful Twins of the world – Ineza and May are twins of eight months now, and their mother is only 18 years old. The Twins live only with their mother because their father abandoned them and they do not know where he left for. Right Child Bright Future is trying to help This family of

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