Right child Bright future

We are the voice of Vulnerable Children and Help kids to know God and to improve their talent.

Who we are

We are Right Child Bright Future (RCBF), we are born to help!! Kids must know God!! Kids must enjoy and be happy!! Kids must eat well and play!! Kids must study and sleep well!! BELOVED! YOU CAN BLESS US SO WE CAN HELP MORE KIDS. For, any donation from you is big things to Us!! “Romans 15:1-2” WE THEN ARE STRONG OUGHT TO BEAR WITH THE SCRUPLE OF THE WEAK, AND NOT PLEASE OURSELVES


Children we are currently supporting, help them by donating to our cause.

Ngabire Belise

Ineza and May

Emma and Ismail


Latest activities

What we have been doing to help children in need.

RCBF Helped 300 people get a health insurance (Mutuel de sante)

RCBF Helped 10 poor families get rabbits that will help them

RCBF help 5 young girls with getting School Materials.

Celebrate World's kid's day with our community