What we do


Fight against HIV/AIDS

There are 1.7 million AIDS orphans in South Africa, Thousands in Rwanda – all of them have lost one or both parents to the immunodeficiency syndrome. We are fighting to improve the lives of those orphaned by HIV/AIDS by helping them gain access to education, healthcare, food and hope of a better future.


Providing vocational training

In order to help vulnerable youth to address and overcome their daily challenges we organize vocational trainings that provides them skills ( such as hairdressing, tailoring or woodworking, etc.) that will give them an opportunity to be self-reliant and to step-out of persistent financial uncertainty.


Financial Assistance

We empower poor families economically particularly single mothers, start their own businesses through a variety of microfinance initiatives, which include small loans, grants, and savings instruments to provid food, health care and education for their families


Fight against drug addiction

In response to the need for effective protection of young people being harmed by alcohol and drugs, we organize programme that targets disadvantaged youth and helps them developing a healthy life perspective. The programme decreases violence and enables the youths to lead fulfilled lives.


Food Security

A family is food secure when its members do not live in hunger or fear of hunger. Food insecurity is often rooted in poverty and has long-term effects to family members. We help families and individuals get quality food and sufficient resources to produce or purchase it.


Detection of Football Talents

We detect the talent of kids in football and help them to develop it by providing them sports materials, discipline and knowledge that will help them in their future career

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