Emma and Ismail

Every normal person can love those beautiful Twins “Emma and Ismail” of 8 years old!! They live in a family of 7 kids. The eldest one is 14 years old, the second one is 12 and then the twins. Their father abandoned them when only 4 years old. Day to day RIGHT CHILD BRIGHT FUTURE try to help them!!  They are very clever at school; they have wisdom from God!!

RCBF visited twins to their home, shared milk together and played with them too! I wish you would play with them some time!! They will make you smile hopefully!! Let us use what we have to bless them day to day!!

Together we can bless them. Together we can feed them, we can help pay their school fees, we can pay where they live (house rent) because they do not have their own house. Together we can help them get their own house (5000$-7000$) can build their house too.

Twins, brothers and Their Sister ( Umutoni B.), RCBF will always try to help this Family!!
Emma and Ismail are good twins that everyone should love, support and help!! If you cannot help them, who will do it? Just who?

Join us and help them. For, any kind of donation is a big things to them!!