Ineza and Mary

Beautiful Twins of the world – Ineza and May are twins of eight months now, and their mother is only 18 years old. The Twins live only with their mother because their father abandoned them and they do not know where he left for. Right Child Bright Future is trying to help This family of twins. Please if you can support them, feel welcome. Your donation can change the life of this family!! RCBF needs to help their mother start a little business so that she can get milk and food for for the twins. Their mom has a land, if we get much donation we can help her to build her own house and 3000$ Can make it. Let’s put together and bless this beautiful family of Twins!

Good twins and their mom!! A Very wonderful family!! even if their father abandoned them but everyone can see peace and Joy in them. Beloved, let us put together and raise hands of this beautiful family. Together we can bless them using what we have. Together we can help them get their own house. Together we can help the twins have a good and bright future.  “Romans 15:1-2)

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